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Dec 16, 2010

My Small Shop

Hi guys, Sorry that I didn't post any freebies this month, I was busy setting up my small shop, now I'm selling high quality scrapbooking paper with affordable prices and you can download them instantly, and I'm thinking in the future selling printable cupcake toppers and wrappers, favor boxes and printables party supplies, and I'm thinking also in premium svgs and cut files, some svg patterns for favor boxes and more, really I have many ideas but no time to do them.
About this month freebie what do you want me to post?


  1. WOW I've already checked your new shop and I'm so happy I can´t believe it. Beautiful papers for very good prices. I love your idea of including favor boxes that'll be great. Now I need to decide which ones to choose the damask ones are gorgeous. Thanks so suggestion for freebie would be some butterfly digital images :D or something for St. Valentine's. Thanks a lot.

  2. thanks Tatanky for your comment, i've posted some butterflies cliparts, and about St. Valentine's freebies will be after christmas.


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